Family and Relationship Programs

Parenting Apart: Effective Co-Parenting

This is a 4 hour, educational program designed for divorcing parents of minor children.  The program meets the requirements for parent education for divorcing parents as mandated by courts. The cost of the program is $40 if registered prior to the class and $50 at the door. Spouses should take separate classes and child care is not provided. Topics include: Dealing with stress, how children react to divorce, positive communication skills, keeping children out of conflict, new relationships after divorce, helping your children through the divorce and domestic violence. A certificate will be given to all participants who complete the course.

Classes are held in the Anderson County Courthouse in the Extension office- Room 213 on the first Friday of the month from 9:00am- 1:00pm.

Father and daughter hugging for picture

RELAX: Alternatives to Anger

RELAX is an evidence based curriculum that is being used in several other states as well as across Tennessee.  It actively engages adult learners in a group setting to increase knowledge and skills around anger management and give them constructive ways to deal with anger. Aspects of promoting social emotional health are woven throughout the training and include expressing emotions, navigating stress, resolving interpersonal conflict, taking another’s perspective, feeling capable and whole and building skills for forming and maintaining satisfying, healthy and supportive relationships. It is a series of 4 classes that are each 2 hours long and is a reoccuring class every other month. Pre-registration is required.

CARE: Child/Adult Relationship Enhancement

CARE is designed for any adult who is working with any child to improve the relationship with children and teens and reduce mild to moderate behavior challenges. Through a positive relationship, social emotional development and learning potential is enhanced. Participants are taught skills to increase positive communication with children and they are also taught some tips and tricks on how to give commands in a way that will increase the chances that a child will listen. This training is effective for anyone who comes in to contact with children- Parents (Foster, adoptive, biological), Teachers, Daycare staff, child advocates, daycare providers, health professionals, etc.

Girl Talk

This program has been developed to bring mothers and daughters together in a non-threatening, friendly environment to learn together about sexuality, communication, family values, and decision making. The curriculum presents factual information about sexuality, body changes, male and female differences, pregnancy, fetal development, parent responsibilities, and making responsible decisions. Girl Talk encourages both mother and daughter to apply the skills learned to develop an open communication system within the family.​

Love Languages

This program is for couples who are interested in enhancing or strengthening their relationship. Each of us have a primary language of love. Meaning, a way that we express love and also things that we see as an expression of love. In this program, you will learn the five different love languages and how to “talk that language” to help your partner receive​the love that they want and need and also to identify what makes you feel loved to be able to communicate that to your partner- ultimately building a stronger, more fulfilling relationship.

Interested in a specific topic that isn’t listed or general parenting or relationship help? Email to request information.