Family & Consumer Science

Family & Consumer Sciences Extension

Educational programs focus on strengthening individuals, families and communities by addressing critical issues and needs, such as teaching parenting skills, improving nutrition and health, managing family finances, addressing child care needs, and others.

We link resources from the university to community members in all 95 counties across Tennessee. With the help of the University faculty, we are working to address important issues facing communities that threaten the health, safety and well-being of individuals, families and communities. The goal of Family and Consumer Sciences is to develop strong families, which will ultimately lead to a strong community.

Do you struggle with managing money? Want to save more? Want to avoid debt? Want to spend responsibly?

Do you have concerns about your health? Want to increase your activity levels or control your diabetes?

Do you want a better life for your family? To be a better parent? To improve your relationships?

Do you have food safety questions? Want to learn healthier food choices? Want to learn to preserve/can?

Do you have questions about saving energy at home? How to prepare for emergencies? Make homes healthier?

For help with these questions or any othersĀ else, please contact Laura Clark, your Anderson County FCS Agent at

Contact Information

Laura Christine Clark Profile Page

Laura Clark
Ext Agent I & Co Director
Phone: (865) 457-6246

Laura Clark has lived and worked in East TN since 2008. She graduated from The University of TN in 2008 with her Master’s Degree in Child and Family Studies. She started as the Anderson County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent in October 2017.